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Гінекологічна диспансеризація корів-первісток

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Title Гінекологічна диспансеризація корів-первісток
Creator Ревунець, А. С.
Грищук, Г. П.
Ревунец, А. С.
Revunetz, А.
Gryshchuk, G.
Subject гінекологічна диспансеризація
відтворювальна здатність
гінекологічні хвороби
дисфункцій матки і яєчників
гинекологическая диспансеризация
воспроизводительная способность
гинекологические болезни
дисфункция матки и яичников
gynecological check
reproductive ability
gynecological diseases
dysfunction of the uterus and ovaries
Description Представлено результати гінекологічної диспансеризації корів-первісток в зоні Лісостепу Житомирщини. Розроблені й апробовані схеми застосування тканинного препарату фетоплацентат та вітамінів. Установлено, що проведення гінекологічної диспансеризації корів-первісток чотири рази на рік з щомісячним контролем стану внутрішніх статевих органів забезпечує своєчасне виявлення гінекологічних захворювань.
Представлено результаты гинекологической диспансеризации коров-первородок в зоне Лесостепи Житомирщины. Разработаны и апробированы схемы использования тканевого препарата фетоплацентат и витаминов. Установлено, что проведение гинекологической диспансеризации коров-первородок четыре раза в год с помесячным контролем состояния внутренних половых органов обеспечивает своевременное выявление гинекологических болезней.
The attention of many researchers is made to changes in the body of females, which are accompanied by infertility. Both temporary and permanent inability of physiologically mature of organism to reproduce descendants inhibits the development of livestock industry and causes significant losses to farmers. The most effective obstetric and gynecological examinations among the activities aimed at timely detection and elimination of causes of infertility and treatment of sick animals is considered.
According to the results of the obstetric clinical examination 114 heifers 30 days before calving was determined the prognosis of calving, given the age and weight of heifers in the insemination, the method of insemination, the sperm of a bull, feeding, management, metabolism, according to the analysis of the diet and measured the width of the outlet of the pelvis and the distance between the ischial tuberosities. While they found a different degree of development of mammary glans.
In the spring when the clinical examination of 114 first-delivering cows, inseminated during the third or fourth quarter of the previous year, found 38 tive, 9 it is doubtful tive and 67 infertile, of which culled 20 of diseases of internal genital organs and the loss of reproductive ability and milk production.
During the autumn gynecologic clinical examination of 358 first-delivering cows in the three farms was discovered 176 tive, 26 doubtful tive, 156 infertile. Which for similar reasons, 86 culled. It also made mistakes when selecting heifers to replenish stock. In general, when conducted within two years of gynecological clinical examination during the first year of the 472 first-delivering cows determined barren 223 (47,2 per cent), while for the second out of the 540–175 (32,4%), respectively.
In the structure of gynecological diseases as a cause of infertility of cows subinvolution of the uterus (10,8-12%), dysfunction of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus (8,5 – 9,2 %) most often diagnosed.
During the autumn of gynecologic clinical examination was studied 358 first-delivering cows, among which are found 176 tive, 26 questionable enforcement, 156 infertile.
Generalization of the study results suggests that the main cause of detected abnormalities of the genitals, including dysfunctions of the uterus and ovaries in first-delivering cows is the lack of appropriate methods of selection of heifers, the technology of growing heifers, feeding and keeping heifers and to prepare them for calving. We believe that first-delivering cows after calving are also adversely affected the process of lactogenesis and complex restructuring of the endocrine regulation of the function of the uterus, ovaries and breast.
Believe that replenishment of farms of highly productive first-delivering cows need to take care with the selection and selection of heifers, their care and feeding, mating and timely conduct of clinical examination. This whole process must have veterinary support, which is based on gynecological clinical examination.
Date 2019-05-20T11:58:12Z
Type Article
Identifier Ревунець А. С. Гінекологічна диспансеризація корів-первісток / А. С. Ревунець, Г. П. Грищук // Проблеми зооінженерії та ветеринарної медицини. – 2016. – Вип. 32, ч. 2. – С. 76–79.
Language uk
Publisher Харківська державна зооветеринарна академія