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Plato and the Revolution of the Modern Paradigm of Science

Институционный репозиторий Киевского университета имени Бориса Гринченко

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Title Plato and the Revolution of the Modern Paradigm of Science
Creator Шепетяк, Олег Михайлович
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Description The greatest coup that European science has experienced in its history took place in the Renaissance. It is common knowledge that at that time there was a revival of ideological paradigms which were formed in Antiquity. However, the application of this statement to the realm of philosophy requires clarification. The late Middle Ages was influenced by the philosophy of Aristotle, who was also an ancient philosopher. Therefore, on the eve of the Renaissance, Antiquity was not forgotten. In the Renaissance the philosophy of Plato was revived, and in the late Middle Ages it was displaced by the philosophy of Aristotle. The philosophy of Plato became the foundation for the formation of the paradigm of modern science. The purpose of this study is to reveal which segments of Plato’s philosophy gave impetus to the development of science, and to prove that Plato influenced the development of science by three theses: 1) the theory is higher and more important than experience, as the world of ideas is higher and more important than the material world; 2) cognition of the world is impossible without the application of mathematical categories; 3) experience is necessary for cognition, but it is completely subordinated to the theory.
Date 2019-06-29
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Identifier http://elibrary.kubg.edu.ua/id/eprint/27691/1/O_Shepetyak_BIJP_2_IFF.pdf
Шепетяк, Олег Михайлович (2019) Plato and the Revolution of the Modern Paradigm of Science Beytulhikme. An International of Philosophy, 9 (2). с. 319-335. ISSN 1303-8303